Simple & Universal

SmartShift transforms your robot into a flexible, multi-tool machine.

With universal add-ons, SmartShift makes automated tool shifting easy on any type of robot. SmartShift helps you to get more from your robot, by quickly shifting between tools to meet the requirements of the task at hand. With universal compatibility and the easy to connect construction, your robot is autonomous and ready for any endeavor. As opposed to competing products, SmartShift is not dependent on the supply of air pressure or electricity to work. SmartShift offers a complete solution which is easy to assemble and utilize.

Modular & cost effective

SmartShift works with any module and frees up important resources.

The best solution in terms of both cost and capacity. By installing SmartShift on your robots, the everyday task of changing tools is extraneous. This creates space for other tasks, as the job is done quicker and more efficient. When eliminating the need for a designated tool shifter, the production time expands without the need to increase labor force. With the new possibility of having robots work around the clock, will contribute to an increase in capacity and revenue.


SmartShift is the fastest tool shifting system on the market.

Get more from your robot with SmartShift. With the fastest and lightest tool shifting system on the market, SmartShift makes it easy and efficient to use robots for a variety of undertakings. The SmartShift system is made from lightweight aluminum and pom-c, making it durable and easy to use. When removing man-required tool shifting, the production time expands, and the robots can work more rapidly.

UR+ Certified & Thoroughly Tested

SmartShift has been thoroughly tried and tested

Our SmartShift tool changing systen has been thoroughly tested by Universal Robots and we’re proud to say that we’ve been UR+ Certified! UR+ Certification is a seal of approval from Universal Robots that not only guarrantees the quailty of our product it also allows us to display our product on their online showroom right on their webpage. That’s speaks volumes of their confidence in us, something we’re very proud of!

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